Liz Dumdum, founder of The Style Diplomat was born and raised in the Philippines and currently based in New York. She has had a successful start of her career in international affairs in the government aside from finding inspiration for her style and travels.  

Liz is a current graduate student at New York University (MS in Global Affairs with a concentration on Transnational Security). She received her Bachelor of Arts in European Studies, minor in Hispanic Studies from Ateneo de Manila University in 2013. She also previously worked for the Office of the President of the Philippines during the Philippine hosting of APEC 2015. In 2012, she completed her internship at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of the Philippines to the United Nations in New York, USA. In 2011, she completed a summer semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain, where she studied the Spanish language and culture.  

Aside from being a Liz is an advocate for advancing the Philippines’ claim on parts of the South China Sea and is now front and center promoting the many aspects of it. In this capacity, she has been a Research Associate for Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio and a member of the Institute for Maritime and Ocean and Affairs. She plans to work at an international organization or a think tank focusing on international affairs mainly on international security or serve the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines. While growing up and living in the Philippines, she had discovered a passion for exploring the world beyond her shores and doing it stylishly, no less. She is fluent in English, Filipino and speaks Spanish and a bit of French and Portuguese.

The Style Diplomat is an online chronicle curated to provide advice and inspiration to help women and men feel confident, stylish and empowered. It is all about feel-good fashion and interesting features. 

It is basically a colorful, fun and (hopefully) well-written reflection of her life within the wider context of the fashion world. At the moment, she has expanded her blog to include lifestyle, career, travel and beauty.

The blog’s name is a favorable compromise between her two passions: fashion and diplomacy. She believes that clothes tell a story and are always your reflection to the world. For her, fashion is the simplest form of diplomacy. It holds an important element in developing a new approach to the story of dress and power. According to her, the definition of diplomacy is not only confined within the four corners of old-fashioned big-power diplomacy but also serves as an individual's opportunity to represent him or herself to the world using the universal language of fashion. This blog aims to challenge women and men to get creative with themselves and embrace their own identity while still being "diplomatically" appropriate.

Since The Style Diplomat's debut in 2013, it has been featured in media outlets such as Head Magazine, Sunstar, Cebu Daily News, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Candy, Chalk, Mega, Metro Society, Preview and Buzzfeed and is currently one of the brand ambassadors of Fujifilm Philippines and Alexander Watches New York.

Most recently, she was considered one of the Best Dressed Girls in 2018  by Preview Magazine.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, this blog has no material relationship to any brand, entity or person mentioned on its site.