Three months ago, I've had the privilege to conduct a lifestyle workshop with Fujifilm PH and Henry's Cameras. I talked about ways on how to maximize your Fujifilm camera and curate your social media and I would like to share my personal hacks here on my blog.

 To be very honest, I am not so much a photography enthusiast as you think I am. I owned many many different cameras before and most of them were compact cameras and a couple of DSLRs. However, when the iPhone came, 90% of the the photos I took were with my iPhone. So, photo quality was not really a big deal to me because I thought my iPhone was doing a great job. This was what I thought until I had lots of travels in 2017 and even the iPhone 7 plus with its portrait feature wasn't able to do justice to all the places I’ve been to. At that moment, I realized that it was time for a real camera. Like a real one. I don’t know. Maybe I started taking less and less selfies and more of everything else. Maybe I wanted to look more professional especially when it comes to work. Maybe I just needed an upgrade. Or maybe, I just wanted a new challenge. Selfie cameras and iPhones are too easy, shamefully so. Am I going to not put in more effort to create better content for my followers? So I decided that the game changer this time is my Fujifilm XT20. My first encounter with it was my trip to a lake house in Laguna. I was instantly smitten. What have I been missing out???? I was totally in shock. So yes, instead of a very techy run-down about all the specs, I will share with you how easy it is to maximize your Fujifilm camera. All tips will come from me, a social media person who is too busy to sit down with a tripod for that one magical picture, a complete noob who is still trying to figure out why the number of focus points matter, and who prefers the electronic shutter because she always take sneaky pictures and don’t want to alert anyone lol. 

The Basics: 

FUJIFILM XT-20 features 

1. Image quality 

2. Wi-fi connectivity 

Need I say more? 

3. Touch screen feature 

4. Fast autofocus 

5. Fashionable design that fits your style 

 First of all, the Fujifilm XT-20 is a very compact camera, given all the amazing stunts it could do. More importantly, it looks extremely stylish for a blogger like me. I really love the retro look of it and it even feels better featured in a mirror shot too. 

6. Film Simulation 

7. Lightweight and compact 

8. 4K Video 

Selfies And Other Functions 

I was actually mentally prepared to ditch selfies forever the moment I decided to get this camera. There are more important things to capture in this world than just my own face. But I was surprised to find out thatwith an app and a stool (or tripod which is better), I could still get that classic self-portrait every social media lady is ever so pro with. Combined with a couple of filters, you are your own professional photographer. Also, with the Fujifilm Cam Remote, an app you can download on your smartphone can just remote control the camera. You don’t even need to press timer then rush back to pose within 10 seconds. There are some other features I have yet to master like multiple exposure wherein you take a photo that combines two exposures from two different shots.. Pretty sure you know that better than I do. Anyway, my most favorite part of having a Fujifilm camera is that there are scenes that are not usually possible with phone cameras and with my XT-20, they would really come out as breathtaking.

And last but but obviously not the least.. 

 9. Video resolution and quality 

 The best thing that I love about my XT-20 is how it is able to tell a story with every shot. In all its vividness. Capturing a precious moment. The details of every pixel is just remarkable. I feel like my life is a movie… with this camera. Hahaha. And on that note, I’d like to share with you my travel to Boracay, shot with Fujifilm XT-20 on 4K recording.

Photography + Editing Tips:

Honestly, a lot of the tips I put together vary and can change depending on your type of style and flow. I'm not saying you have to have a 'perfect Instagram feed' at all or need to have a certain color scheme, but these are the things I do just for me and to reflect my own personal style on social media!

1. Develop a style

■ It will take a while to get your certain color scheme or style down, so be patient with yourself!

■ Experiment and try using different cameras until you find the one you like and feel the most comfortable

■ Use cameras that cater to your style. For example, the XT-20 will give you clear images, perfect for street style/outfit photos, whereas a film camera can be playful and used for fuzzy, more grungy and vintage photos. See what you like or switch on and off!

2. Get the best light

■ Start off with using natural light first, and then, once you get comfortable with that, try experimenting with sunlight and shadows

I find that using sunlight and bright, natural light works best with my photos.

■ Sunlight can make average photos amazing. 

But make sure that the focus is good and it's not blurry or bleached out. Again, practice makes perfect for this! It will take a couple of tries to get nice photos with sunlight.    

■ A rainy day can be tricky for photography. If it's cloudy, try using flash. Flash photos also look great in black and white.

If you're not comfortable with flash, try waiting for a sunny day or brighten the photos with an app. iPhones do not work the best on cloudy days, it will make the photos come out fuzzy/blurry, so I definitely recommend using your Fujifilm camera.

Like for cloudy days, if you want to take a photo at night, I really think using flash works best. 

Though they might look weird at first, after playing around with filters, it can make for a really cool and chic image. 

3. While taking the image...

■ Self-timer works like a charm if you don't have people to take your photo! 

■ Play around with different angles. 

■ Flat lays don't have to be taken in just a birds-eye-view way. 

■ Don't only focus on the subject but on what is around it too. 

■ For outfit shots, try acting natural, especially when on the street.

4. Use apps that reflect your style

■ I think the best app for maintaining a color scheme (if you're into that) is VSCO. 

■ You can buy filters for Vsco, but honestly the ones that they already have work like magic! 

■ After Light is also a great app to add fuzziness, grain, or play with the color, brightness, etc. 

■ Overlaying filters is tricky and makes the photos blurry. Try sticking with just one filter. 

■ Don't get frustrated if you change filters sometimes! I have changed filters tons. It is basically a reflection of your style, and, of course, that is always changing! 

■ Lightroom is a great photo app and I am still learning the ropes at the moment

This is one of the longest posts I've had in a very long time so hope that you learned something signigicant (somehow?) and don' forget to comment below! I'm open to questions, suggestions ++ :)