THE STYLE DIPLOMAT'S WARDROBE || Dress: Réalisation Par | Shoes: Marnivost | Beret: Fake Friends @urfakefriend
Taken with the Fujifilm XT-20 with XF27MM F2.8 by Shayne Lopez @shutupshayne at Balai café

Over the summer, I’ve fallen for one particular dress – Realisation Par's Alexandra

The Alexandra is a Réalisation signature dress and I'm about to give you a brief background about the brand so listen up! Haha. 

The Australian brand was launched in 2015 by Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot, and it’s certainly had quite the impact. The brand has become iconic for its super sexy wrap around tea dresses, and after seeing them plastered all over social media last year, I knew I already succumbed to the green-eyed monster when I bought it for my 25th birthday with no qualms. I honestly couldn't resist it! It snowballed in popularity from being featured all over social media and celebrities – spotted on everyone from Alexa Chung, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid to Bambi Northwood-Blyth. The brand has amassed more than 52,000 Instagram followers in just nine months and has a digital community, which the brand refers to as “dream girls” (hence the blog post title).

Anyway, enough about the brand. Let's talk about style. Honestly, I’m a romantic at heart. So it’s no wonder that I lean toward wardrobe pieces that move with a little breeze or have feminine touches here and there. A ruffle or anything that is made out of 100% crepe silk (aka this red/white-starred beauty) is the epitome of romance if you ask me. It also happens to be a detail that carries over season to season, depending on how you style it. Ever since I bought the dress for my birthday (5 months ago), I've worn it thousands of times already - from brunch dates, beach trips and even to concerts aaaand not that it's important but this dress is boyfriend-approved. Haha!
Three years from now, I can honestly say that this dress will still have a space in my closet. Just throw on a pair of beat up converse and it'll look as relevant yet ageless as ever.  When it comes to style, the dress really did an excellent work charming the majority of women including me of course with its nod to vintage charm and downright unapologetic girlishness.

Moving on.. In addition to my usual babble, I've read an article on "How To Make a Dress Go Viral" published by Melbourne's  Broadsheet which I found interesting enough to include it in this blog post. While the writer talked about Réalisation and the Alexandra dress, I also picked up a few things about digital fashion: likes and followers translate to power and that power translates to sales *mindblown* lol. I'm sharing the article's link here because it might become useful for my followers who would want to step up their fashion business game and maybe for my own future reference too! :)