Journey with Alexander Watches to landscapes of beauty, from the city to the sea. The way the light catches the hillsides. The water dapples against skin. The rainbows of color found in the everyday.
All you need to do is Dive Into Your World.

Created/Shot/Edited by: Sal D'Alia Producer: Irwin Rommel Coordinator: Princess Manzon Talent: Natalie Tarin Michael Jiang Liz Dumdum Make Up Artist: John Fredson Granada Stylist: Gabriel Arenas Underwater Footage Assistants/Tour Guides: Dani Bautista Niccolo Stevens Toby Kulot Location Coordinator: Joshua Lim Transportation: Hello Cebu Talent/Influencer Management: Spotted Media Fashion Designer of Natalie's Purple Gown: Lemuel Rosos Swimwwear Designer of Natalie's Reversible Onepiece White/Red: Solti Activewear Board Shorts, Men’s activewear Mike's Board Shorts: Blood Red