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Taken with the Fujifilm XT-20 with XF27MM F2.8 by Maia Cabanes @maiacabanes at Bicester café

There are many wonders to being a woman, but deciding what to wear during your period is not one of them. In the hopes of revolutionizing people's perspective on looking at fashion and themselves through my blog, I would like to share my thoughts on how to dress for PMS — to all men out there who do not have any clue what PMS means, it means premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and it refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman's period - basically, it's that time when every woman you know is basically saying that she's not sorry for what she said when she was hungry. 

One of the reasons why I thought of doing a short outfit post with this topic is to help spread awareness of endometriosis. It is often a painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus. Endometriosis affects up to 10% of all women, including myself and some of my friends too. I am 25 and I have been at the mercy of my uterus for at lease a decade and when it is protesting, the only thing that sounds comfortable is a pair of sweatpants. Unfortunately for me, sweatpants are generally not acceptable in most real-life settings, or any setting outside the confines of my bedroom, accompanied with a tub of ice cream and Netflix.

Women from all walks of life have to agree with me that dresses, skinny jeans, pencil skirts pose threats and unnecessary discomfort during this special time. So the real question here is: how do you integrate the the female cycle into the concept of a wardrobe? If you ask me, the real complimentary to PMS bloat and discomfort is the athleisure trend. It results in some pretty nifty loungewear and mind you, not all hope of chicness is lost here. A pair of silky top and joggers will keep the low self-esteem at bay and there’s nothing more appealing in such conditions. 

In addition, loungewear is not only acceptable but necessary for the chill. However, if feel like loungewear is too "bedroom-y", another alternative are leggings. Leggings have the comfort of sweatpants but are much easier to pair with professional-looking blouses and shirts especially when they are a little more dynamic and unique. They're movable, breathable (I sound like a sanitary pad commercial lol), and super chic, so no one on Earth would even know you're literally dying on the inside.

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