Eleventh of October's slip dress is basically the only socially acceptable lingerie for me.
The slip dress has quickly become just about the only thing I've dreamed of wearing all year round. However, due to adulthood, I cannot materialize that dream. Like ever.  
Although you have to believe me when I say that it’s an evergreen silhouette: body-conscious without being bandaged, suggestive of one's physical form without being revealing. It can skew romantic or sexy or simple: a curve-skimming little slip of a nothing dress to be worn alone (I'm looking at you, Rihanna). While that’s all well and good for the hashtag blessed people, for us mere mortals, the insubstantial dress begs further inquiry. Specifically: how do you wear a slip dress without looking like you just stepped out of your boudoir? Easy. Just tone down the provocative.
My secret to styling is to always feel out its vibe and then balance it with styling pieces that have an opposing feel. For this look, I tempered the revealing slip with a cream coatigan (coat + cardigan). This way, the end result is socially acceptable to most people. If you feel slightly exposed in spaghetti straps, feel free to add layers on top of the slip dress. Also, say yes to sophistication. Although a slip dress is quintessentially ‘90s, you don’t have to count Kate Moss/Courtney Love as your style icons to get the look. You can add accessories for an elegant spin. They keep the lingerie-looking dress from entering hussy territory.

Amongst all slip dresses I have seen and have had, I hate to play favorites, but the 'Phoenix' slip in peach is the clear frontrunner. 

'Phoenix' slip dress from Eleventh of October
(IG: @eleventhofoctober)
Coatigan from River Island
Sandals from Topshop
Accessories from Topshop

Photos by:
John Crawford
(IG: @jhncrwfrd)