Don't you wonder why some girls just have a certain je ne sais quoi or could it just be their strategic use of certain hues in their wardrobe? 

Whenever you go to New York, would you not want to paint the town red? The allusion of painting the town red refers to the kind of riotous behavior that results in red blood being spilled. As Lorde-y as it sounds, just know that you have more control than you think on how to paint any town red. I'm not referring to going home to your apartment in Brooklyn  at 3am or riding the metro and getting lost with your intoxicated friends.. although that can still be acceptable if you're the type. Haha! But what I'm talking about is your control over your freedom of expression via your personal style. As you probably already know, the key is to leave a little (or even a lot) to the imagination, so keeping it classy is key.

I've never been one to wear a red dress. I'm sure there's some profound psychological reason for it. More so, my main problem with red is that it makes such an impression. It gives such a vibrant effect to the inner eye that it becomes a tough act to follow considering my predominantly neutral wardrobe. Admittingly, red was in the plan all along but it had to be just the right one.. The one which makes you feel like a million dollars.. The one which makes one feel as though one could rule the world..

Red is obviously alluring, but this dress has so much more going for it than just color. As per Rumi Neely, red dresses are "camera friendly af."

Silk dress from Urban Outfitters
Shoes from Topshop

Photos by:
Kurt Dee 
Check out his dope instagram account @ kurtdee
(IG: @kurtdee)

Also, S/O to my loved ones Vira and Venice Sanchez for making this amazing photo series possible <3