Off the grid is seemingly a very appropriate title for this blog post. It is not only because of my obvious grid-patterned skirt (as you can see) but also the fact that I have been in the state of being off the blogging world for quite some time due to work. However, it always the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) that always gets me back in track.  Instagramming all the requisite summer happenings around town: the beach trips with family and friends, and a bajillion birthdays/weddings you’re required to attend is somehow ordinary. But, then, in a sea of been-there-done-that mediocrity, something cool pops up: a rooftop hang. My friends and I always find ourselves hanging out in Makati rooftops from sundown to (almost) sunrise. Before you resort to your trusty denim cutoffs, I suggest that you make a move with lightweight pieces and breeze into the summer as you rule the rooftops this season. 

Knitted sweater from H&M
Skirt from Zoo PH
Shoes from Nike

Photo by:
JC Gellidon
Instagram: @jcgellidon