2014 came and conquered. Now, it's 2015's turn and we all couldn't wait for it to impress us. However, we need to do our homework to impress it back. We should be prepared. This is 2015, people. This is not a drill. 

When life (read:work) happens, one can easily get side tracked so I apologize for that very long hiatus even if honestly I have spent months and months making excuses for why I haven’t been updating my blog regularly. I’m so good at it by now that I’m able to squash my outfit post ideas with a simple, “my real work has gotten into my skin".. then maybe add the fact that The Lazy Monster in me had fully taken over. Sometime over the week though, I shook my head out of the fog and snapped back to reality.  Personally, I can’t forget for even a minute why I’m working on my blog and what I want to get done. I remind myself constantly that even though this is a fun side project in my life and an outlet for my creativity, I also have a responsibility to my network and my readers. I have to (and want to) keep up with it and make it good. Rather than wallowing my guilt of not being able to provide you with content for the past months, I would like all of you to join in my excitement as this year unfolds.

 The New Year is about starting fresh and what better way to do so than by updating your wardrobe.
 If you follow me on Instagram, white is the most constant color in my wardrobe at the moment. It is fresh and crisp and when the hue is worn from head to toe, it results in an exceptionally stylish, high-impact look. 

Plus, the fact that the 90's inspired sport trend continues (but with a more minimalistic touch this time) and Alexander Wang being the team captain (as always), I'm so thankful that an international brand like Klarra sent me pretty much amazing clothes. Just for everyone's information, I now have the coolest set of white co-ords. Haha!

 Although it might seem like yesterday when sportswear was all about throwing on a pair of loose pants, a slouchy t-shirt and a cool cap, years have since gone by. Now, the lines got blurred. The athletic influences are no longer that obvious, and when they are, something about them screams pure luxury. It could be the sexier feel, the unexpected styling or the luxe fabrics used to balance out the relaxed silhouettes, but what’s certain is that sporty-clothing makes for an effortlessly elegant look these days. Just a detail here and there then the look is auto-fresh.

If you’re tired of having to create an outfit with a multitude of layers and details all the time just to achieve that chic and stylish look that you are going after, I think you’ll really find the minimalist trend refreshing ⎯ just like moi. One other thing that I’m pretty sure you’ll love about the minimalist trend is that because it’s so simple, it’s sure to never go out of style. The key to successfully pulling off the minimalist trend is to keep it simple. Choose pieces that have a clean silhouette and try to avoid clothes or accessories that are too complex, detailed and/or frilly. The general rule to keep in mind when trying to pull off the minimalist trend is that less is more and that going over the top with your clothes and accessories is a definite no-no. Keeping it simple is the easiest yet most effective way to successfully capture the essence of the minimalist trend. More importantly, my most favorite aspect of this trend is creating structure. Just because you’re going with the minimalist trend, it doesn’t mean it always has to be t-shirt and jeans. Boxy pieces, for example, are great for adding shape and structure to your look.

However, there is a caveat. Minimalism is somehow synonymous to vulnerability, Vulnerability to stains! It means that you may need to continue being careful while eating or drinking anything when wearing minimalistic clothes. Haha! 

Top from Klarra
Skirt from Klarra
Air Max Thea from Nike

Photos by:
Jc Gellidon
(Instagram: @jcgellidon)