Let me first acknowledge the fact that the all-white fashion trend is seasonless—always in style. Although almost always impractical, global warming is now prolonging the warmer seasons and we could not help but end up investing in pieces that don't make us feel like we're infinitely stuck in one big oven. 
Recently, I've become infatuated with the obvious sense of minimal that white embraces. I know that it is a much known fact that black has always been a woman's best friend for centuries but I think it's time to break-up with it and meet its match. 
Some might say that white is such a risky color especially for a clumsy woman like me who always spills something over her clothes. It is easy to ruin and completely visible to the eye, but what is life without risks? I mean, what is fashion without risks? You only live once (lol) so I say take that risk and put on that amazing white button down. It will totally be worth it. I Promise.
So why wear white? Because it is such a universal color. I mean if celebrities, diplomats and fashion houses are fond of the white trend then it must be something worth investing on, right?
This color might just the answer to all your prayers. No more spending hours deciding from the color block. You can now acquire that extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning because 5 minutes makes a big difference (seriously). The decision can be as simple as putting on a white dress and go out. Now that's a fashion weapon worth keeping. 
The question is, how does one stay stay clean in life in an outfit that's a magnet for dirt? Aside from the obvious tip of avoiding newly-painted walls and anything that can easily be knocked over, choose cream and ivory coloured pieces, since they're less jarring. Also, always opt for white, cream, and ivory-colorer items in fall fabrics. 
Minimalist pieces make me feel like a legitimately grown-up woman for Autumn/Winter 2014. They go well with bright classic red lips (my fave on-the-go look). The funny thing about them is that they that are not attention-grabbing and yet that's where their beauty lies. Just the perfect combination of simplicity and lux to make an elegant effect. 

Button down/dress from Bershka
Shoes from Zara

Photos by:
Jana Baduel
(Instagram: yjanas //Blog: http://yjanas.com)