Dull/shapeless outerwear, frizzy hair, and runny make-up can ruin one’s entire style in whatever monsoon the country is experiencing. So how does one actually make himself or herself look calm and highly unpretentious while prancing his or her way through the rain? 

Sometimes, the steamy hot pavements of Manila turn into rainy streets of London (oops my imagination exaggerated a bit) and to be honest, dressing up for a rainy day isn’t quite as simple and motivating as throwing in some crop top and high-waist shorts during warm summer days. 

However, one can avoid becoming a natural disaster by simply looking for waterproof clothing that would not make one look like a wet chick (that's not a good thing - I meant baby chicken as in basing sisiw in Filipino).

Furthermore, aside from the obvious fact that you have to keep yourself dry, you can at least keep yourself dry in a sartorial  elegance with a very fantastic umbrella. Haha! It livens up the dreariness outdoors. I chose a transparent one because it suits my personality. It is just the right amount of uniqueness.

When the weather is fray and cloudy, you need to find some silver lining, am I right? An obvious solution would be to literally wear silver. If you can't find it, then wear it. Adding something shining shimmering and splendid to your outfit is a good way to keep your spirits high when the temperature gets low. Hahaha! Silver usually represents second place but not this rainy season! Silver is sure to be a winner for me in the coming months. For some reason, anything with silver hardware has becoming more and more attractive to me. Maybe because I've been wearing gold jewellery all my life and I just wanted some sleek change on my metallic essentials. 

With few simple changes, I can just turn this outfit from a rainy day to a night out with friends. I just need to leave my slip-ons at home and change to dressier shoes. There is no need to sacrifice style for function. These plimsolls that I love so much look like normal shoes but are actually water-resistant. Haha!

Sure, staying in during a thunderstorm, cuddling, or reading a good book is ideal but for most of us, it's not an option, especially during the work week. I relish spending the day in a comfortable, yet twenty something y/o-appropriate, look with this rain-friendly outfit idea. It's just nice to take the  opportunity of the rain to create something instead of doing nothing. 

Just don’t forget to swap your normal mascara for a waterproof one, if you don’t want to look like emo kid circa 2005.

Top from Zara
Shorts from Zara
Shoes from Forever 21
Umbrella from Forever 21
Accessories from Aldo 
Watch from Aeropostale

Photos by:
Andie Javelosa