A selection of crop tops has always been a real incentive to get down the gym for most people but in my case, it really is just my usual thing to wear (gym or no gym involved).
Wearing one does not come much of a surprise. I’ve always been sporting crop tops rain or shine. Last year’s infatuation with the crop top is back for another round even if the weather has been literally raining on my parade. I know it sounds too obvious that I’m still on the level of denial that summer is over.. but if you take a look around, midriffs are (STILL!) having a skin-is-in moment! The clincher is that it need not expose your whole stomach. The feminine schoolgirl look has been mellowed for a more mature and comfortable style, just like this cream of the crop (top) that ranks #1 in my closet. 
This reversible python/beige crop top has a touch of sophistication, a look that is more pretty than provocative. Moreover, I believe the top was created with flattering cuts that did not cling to body. My logical reason for wearing it is that a sliver of skin never killed anyone. 
With it, I was more inclined to pair it with denim pants for a more laidback approach to the trend. Yes, I know that our country’s having a typhoon moment and one might think, “What is she thinking?” While the crop top is often a fashion trend that spells SUMMER out right, it can still be this season’s choice just with a whole tricky style statement. 
Pulling off the crop top in this rainy season does not have to be so intimidating because for one thing, a crop top does not automatically mean a bared stomach .The trick right there my friend is to play with proportions. Strike a balance. This has been and will always be my advise. The shorter the top, the higher the bottom. If you want to be conservative about it, pair it with a pencil skirt, the epitome of sleek and sophisticated style. 
I know it’s not shown in the photos because we shot the outfit indoors but I actually paired my top with a cover up.. because obviously, there could be no other logical way to keep this look weather appropriate for our typhoon months in the Philippines. 

I am very much a blogger who believes in sincerity over quantity so I don’t post when I don’t have a good outfit or something I think might be useful to say. To counter the gloomy weather, I decided to post this outfit to keep a fun, casual vibe all-year round. From exhausting weekdays to relaxing weekends, this is just the perfect slouchy, easy transitional look to wear. 

Crop top from Shop Carisse by Carmen Araneta
Ripped denim jeans from Zara

Photos by:
Lee Caces