On and on, on the pleat goes on and on
While midi skirts are still on my favorite list, I'm trying to say hello and loosen up with pleats skirts. Except for the fact that I'm wearing polka dots, which remind you of the fifties and the eighties, I'm also trying to pull off a subtle Britney (Spears schoolgirl) moment here with the skirt.
Frankly, this box pleat skirt with elastic waistband in salmon color is versatile and effortless. It adds texture to a basic outfit. Worn with a pair of Birkenstocks or in my case, a pair of Nike Air Max Theas,  it's casual with a touch of feminity on point.
Pleated skirts, despite their longstanding association with school girl innocence, reappeared as a key essential for the fashion flock last summer. As I've said on my previous post, I'm trying to catch up with all my backlog posts so I apologize for being "so last summer". Going back, these skirts aren't your standard skirts that are only cute for high school girls. They are also potential essential must-have's for twenty something women like me. 
Keep in mind, too, that this look has modern written all over it. So let's talk about what you can pair this up with. A great look and will always be a favorite trend of everyone are crop tops and they look great with this kind of skirt. Anyone who wants to wear one should wear it with a cropped, boxy top or a menswear shirt or just a normal shirt - definitely not a blazer though.

Most important are the shoes: that's what will make the look contemporary and sophisticated. In my case, I want my outfit to look playful thus the sneakers. Sandal-style boots or strappy sandals are the best options if you're that type of girl who uses your Nike shoes exclusively for running.
I want the lightness of my top and skirt, but I don't want to get stuck in a rainstorm in a pleated skirt that's why my leather jacket (with detachable hoodie) is there to be my SOTD (Superman of the day).
Always believe in the pleat's power to flatter ⎯ when it's done right. That delicate flatness, however needs a grounded base. It needs something that makes it urban that's why I paired it with THAT kind of shoes. For pleat newbies, I suggest that you skip anything printed and just go monochromatic with a white pleated skirt, white T-shirt and metallic heels. You could obviously do all-black and just 
blame the weather for your gloomy outfit. 

These pleats are grown-up and elegant and are worn not only from desk to disco but for special occasions too. If the fashion-forward looks on Alexa Chung, Zoe Saldana, and Miley Cyrus are any indication. Just so you know, you would not commit a mortal sin if you wear one to the movies, to a date night, to a coffee run or to a stormy night. On my part, the slickness of the skirt pulls the girliness right back to me any day, any night.

Polka dot romper from Zara
Pleated skirt from Zara
Air Max Thea shoes from Nike
Leather jacket with detachable hood from Forever 21

Photos by:
Pemrik Alina