It turns out that Summer is leather weather for me - at least this year. 
Don't get shocked. I'm not talking about the heavy head-to-toe rock 'n' roll look. This is about leather done as easy and breezy as one would expect as we head into warmer, sunnier days. 
It could be a bralette, but it also could be a skirt or a dress. Maybe it's light pink, or maybe it's the predictable black. Women started embracing leather as an everyday fabric, and for me, it is not just a cool-kid statement. I want something that I can wear at least eight or nine months a year, and leather is one of those things that I can wear most of the year even if it's summer. 
Even if the real-feel temperature doesn't match the mood,  leather always instantly makes any look more glamorousThere’s something about its shininess that can instantly revamp any outfit from day to night wear. Whether being paired with a sheer, oversized, dressy top and heels or grungy sweater and boots,  leather is something worth the investment for many years! 
For the risk takers out there, do you remember when the only thing leather you would rock was a jacket? Well those days are long gone! Need to spice a simple outfit up? Just think leather. There are just some clothes that if they come in polyester or cotton, they would be utterly boring! So let’s face it, leather just makes everything much cooler!
It's not a surprise that this leather bralette is my favourite one because it reminds me of Alexander Wang's. For a sharper and edgy look, I paired it with an asymmetrical leather skirt. 
Also, leather isn’t a look necessarily limited by age, body shape or style. Leather is consistent in men’s and women’s, and you can be rock ’n’ roll trendy and wear something by Michael Kors or Forever 21. Unlike some trends that feed into a single look — like a maxi dress might work for the bohemian, or shoulder pads for the minimalist — leather crosses into the lifestyles of everyone! 
Although, I suggest a bolder bright color or feminine blush tone if you like to keep your femininity level at 100. 

Aside from living one’s life as if it’s a movie, complete with an appropriate soundtrack, it is also important to consider how you look in that movie. Obviously, leather makes one part of the total bad-assery. Its ability to make me feel cool when in reality I just feel lame, nervous, or afraid makes it worth wearing.
It's no secret that what you wear effects how you feel. So if you feel a bit under the weather because exams just started or exams just finished, give yourself a break - but the sentiment is clear; look lacklustre, feel lacklustre. 
The mood-enhancing quality of clothing is what makes the fashion world turn, and when one is in need of a confidence boost,  leather can be just the answer. It is my weapon of choice - not the most obvious choice, but at least I can walk confidently about my day without saying the word "FML", which is joyfully liberating.
Leather bralette from Forever 21
Asymmetrical leather skirt from Tomato
Shoes from Zara
Hand accessory from Aldo

Make-up by:
Maia V. Cabanes
(retouch by Paige Jung) 

Photos by:
Angelo Kangleon