Somebody please tell Roth that I miss college
 While the rest of the college students are either busy trying to graduate or just trying to pass the last semester, I can't help but remember that a year ago, I was one of those senior students who just can't wait to get out of school. I guess it's true what people say.. "You never ono what you have until it's gone" because to be honest, I miss learning and I can' believe I'm saying this now but I actually miss CRAMMING. Even if I'm already out of college, my style will always have that fresh vibe that reminds me of the good old college days that says fresh, man. 

When I was in college,  I spent more time choosing my outfit of the day than showering and eating combined. I had to take time because I wasn't dressing up for anyone. However I dressed,  I dressed for myself. It was all about looking fly high when your grades are down low. It was all about looking confident even when you're dying inside before your oral exams. Dressing up in college was about me and not about those cute conyo Ateneo boys. 
I chose a crisp white collared top and a structured mesh skirt because I think both epitomizes freshness. 
I also chose my triangl bikini's string bag as accessory because of its color. It gives me that "school out, summer in" vibe. 
My pair of shoes gives the last oomph for this college kid-inspired outfit. I love how it gives off that "I'm ready to get down to business" vibe. 
The classic white shirt is a wardrobe staple every woman should own. This versatile piece is appropriate for work and class, and can be dressed down for a casual weekend look, or utilized in a glamourous night out look. (I promise)
We're in college to get an education but we still have to find a little bit of time or energy to get dressed up for it because it's always better to look better. 

Top from Zara
Skirt from What A Girl Wants
Shoes from The Ramp
Bag from Triangl 
Earrings from Forever 21 

Photos by:
Andie Javelosa
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