To the ones who still believes in dreams: chase them chase them until you're out of breath.. Then, keep running. 
For this look, I wanted to showcase the career-oriented side of me and how I would probably look like once I'm off to the working world. Of course I won't be wearing faux fur and mini skirts in my future office but you get the drill.  
But actually, the point in all this is that I just want all of you to know that I also like to wear clothes that show my grown-up side. 
As the second month of 2014 arrives, I'd like to see to it that my clothes are ready for some serious business and nothing says legit business more than my faux fur tee from Topshop. It's pretty obvious that my choice of texture is brought by the surprisingly cold weather in our country and I decided to cozy up my day with something fuzzy. 
I don't regret buying the top because I've always had a soft spot for fuzzy clothes since I was a kid. They're warm, adaptable, and add a fun, textural component to any outfit, in other words: they're irresistible even if I live in a tropical country. 
As per usual, I like to play it naughty and nice so I toughened up my plush faux fur retro-inspired top and feminine skirt with my new and now most favorite sandals with gold metal hardware. 
Moving on, I paired my top with another favorite Topshop haul of mine that adds a youthful vibe to my whole look. A little bit of cobalt and leather with that flimsy bottom already screams I'm about to own TODAY. 
I can't help but give in to street style because it gives me the confidence to transform utterly boring work wear or casuals to something interesting. 

"The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been always will be." ⎯ Bill Cunnington (my favourite photographer)
It's always nice to make your casuals more striking and assemble a statement with what you wear.
In the real world, an insouciant day-time look like this is a sign that you are your own boss. 
 But then again, when you're in the real world, it is always important to take Anna Wintour's advise, "If you can't be better than your competition, just dress better." ;) 

Fuzzy faux fur tee from Topshop
Drop waist skirt from Topshop
Sandals from Forever 21
Necklace from Boutique Minimaliste and Forever 21
Bracelets from Cartier and Forever 21
Watch from Michael Kors 

Photos by:
Andie Javelosa
Visit her blog on :)