Coac(hella) expensive
Coac(hella) far away
Coac(hella) wish I could go
Thank God for 7107 International Music Festival making my Coachella dreams a reality. 
The place was not as big as Indio and the crowd was not as massive as other music festivals in the world but it sure was hell of a fun.

 Having attended the most talked about music festival in the country was something to be grateful for. Nothing can ever replace the sheer enjoyment of seeing my all-time favorite musicians like Empire of the Sun, Red Hot Chili Peppers and my favourite rapper, Kendrick Lamar live. It was too surreal for my life. 

Choosing my outfit for 7107 was not so easy because just like Sinulog, I know for sure that everyone was going to wear flower crowns, Doc Martens and all those hipster wear. I did not want to blend in. I wanted to stand out.  I did not want to let the opportunity of dressing up as if I were going to Coachella pass. 

 Since I figured out that kimonos were going to be big during summer, I bought my first ever from Topshop. It was really perfect for a music festival held in an open field.
Also, I added an ear cuff to glamorize my Coachella-vibes outfit.

Denim, crochet and mesh - mixing different types of fabric was a good way of making my outfit look more different. 

My choice of outfit surely did help spread the good vibes around. It felt like it brought the California girl in me. 

7107 was all about having fun, being free, and enjoying good friends and good music.
7107, which stands for the number of Philippine islands, as the first music festival of its kind to launch in the Philippines makes me more proud of being a Filipino. I just wish it was not the first and last. 


Hat from Forever 21
Top from Forever 21
Shorts from Topshop
Kimono from Topshop
Boots from Topshop
Watch from Michael Kors 
Necklaces from Forever 21 
Ear cuff from Forever 21

Special thanks to my best friend, Dannah Galindez for hooking me up with the tix! :) 

Photos by:
Pemrik Alina