Legend has it that every third Sunday of January, it's the second most wonderful time of the year.. 
For people who might probably be reading my blog and don't have any clue what Sinulog is all about, here's a brief background.. 
In my hometown, Cebu, the most revered festival is the Sinulog, which commemorates the Filipino people's pagan origin, their acceptance of Christianity and recognition of the Santo Niño. The celebration lasts for nine days, and is packed with a variety of activities culminating in the Sinulog grand parade on the third Sunday of January. (Source: http://www.philstar.com/sinulog-2014/articles/2014/01/25/1282603/three-million-rock-sinulog-festivities) 
So to my darlings our there who attended, whether you are still feeling extremely exhausted and detached from life during the days following Sinulog or you are done with it, here's the outfit that didn't make it or should I say, the outfit that was too precious that I didn't want it to get painted on... (maybe next year, I'll try not to care)
My Sinulog 2014 outfit is brought by laid-back ensembles that were perfectly mixed to create an outfit that doesn't only provide comfort but also oozes coolness while dancing the day (and night) away. 
We've seen it consistently at every Sinulog or at every festival here in our country... Girls wearing tumblr-esque tops and flower crowns.. In my opinion, I think it's about time to cut that cord because there are some things that go hand in hand with festivals and looking like every other girl shouldn’t be one of them. I said 2014 was the year of change, and what better way to kick it off with a Sinulog outfit that will eliminate all chance of blending in
 Since I'm a confused girl when it comes to trends, I mixed my 90's dungarees look with some no-brainer boho style. Boho floats my festival boat every year so I decided to wear my flower x feather headdress to let my free spirited side surface. 
For the choice of dungarees, I personally blame Alexa Chung. This style encompasses the carefree style and there is no better day to feel carefree than Sinulog day itself. 
Blisters or burning heels - yep, anyone who has experienced these horrendously painful conditions knows that falling victim to just one of them can completely ruin your day so if you elbowed your way to Baseline wearing closed shoes such as Converse or ankle boots like what I did, you made the right decision.
 I wasn't planning on sitting on someone’s shoulders or crowd surf or anything but it’s a given that skirts and dresses at festivals can be a bit disturbing so I decided to stick with shorts. 

Also, a pair of headdress which doesn't fall in the typical range can be another interesting accent which can easily complete my Sinulog look. 
Most importantly, thinking outside the box and abandoning your comfort zone are two essential skills you'll need to develop if you want to stand out in a crowd of three million people. 
By the time you've reached this part of my post, you are probably wondering why the title. You know me, I like to play with words and I came up with ΛLTER NΛTIVE as my title because first, this is an 
"alternative" outfit for Sinulog. Second, I'm a native from Cebu, and there is always a sense of pride in me when people all over the world would praise my hometown for always rocking the Sinulog festival every year. 
Moving on, being festival chic means more than perfecting a style or look – it means having items that blend great durability with fun and spirited design. Put in mind that you can always take on the festival season with style and panache without having to sacrifice comfort.
So do a favour for yourself and reboot your festival staples so when Sinulog 2015 comes, you will be good to go. Make sure next Sinulog will boast your best, and most stylish, memories yet.

Headdress from Island Souvenirs 
Mesh cropped top from Forever 21
Dungarees from Forever 21
Necklaces from Boutique Minimaliste and Forever 21
Watch from Michael Kors
Ankle boots from H&M

Photos by:
Andie Javelosa
Visit her blog on hernameisandie.tumblr.com