It's a little bit of an exaggeration of how I always count the months before I turn 22 and I can't help but think that it has been almost 3 years since I was 19 - my last year being a teenager. As I look back, nothing has really ever changed drastically. Maybe a bit of change in perspective, in clothes, in priorities but I'm still the same old me who manages to not give a single care in the world most of the times. 
I apologize for not coming up with a very witty title because I really want this outfit post to showcase the rebellious nature of (my) underage youth because of the outfit that reminds me of it⎯ inspired by the disregard of modern culture by today’s adolescence and nothing can quite describe it other than the Wheatus' song without any pun in it. 
With this outfit, aside from it being Rihanna-ish or Cara-ish, it evokes grunge and street cred style. I guess I just like how it feels when I dress and act like a boy sometimes.
 Moreover, I love how this perfect leather blazer adds a hard-hitting element to a simple look. 
 In the internet, Polyvore/Tumblr/Pinterest shows outfits under "Teenage Dirtbag" that are full of spikes and tartan. I decided to turn it down a notch and just went with a black crop top, boyfriend jeans and a leather blazer plus my pink lipstick to add a bit of spunk to it. 
 According to Urban dictionary, teenage dirtbag means that the person has his or her own style of clothing or takes bits and pieces from other stereotypes (punk, indie, etc.). With that definition, maybe the outfit I chose reflects the teenage dirtbag part of me ⎯ the boyfriend jeans, the leather blazer, the shoes just fit into every 90s teenage stereotype. 

think the Wheatus song is a secret pleasure of everyone around my age and when I listen to it I want to look like I have had adventures and accidents with hair dye and scraped knees. I want to look like my bed is a hedge and I have been dragged through it, but somehow manage to look effortlessly cool. 

This month, I keep aiming for looks that are Margaret Zhang or Gary Pepper-inspired but I always end up looking like this.. I don't know maybe I just have to accept the fact that I'm just a teenage dirtbag stuck in a 21-something year old body.. 

Leather blazer from Von Dutch
Crop top from Bliss MNL
Boyfriend jeans from H&M
Cut-out boyish boots from Topshop

Photos by:

Make-up by:
Maia Cabanes

Shelly Rodriguez
Monique Rosal