Don't you just love it when clothes bring you back to a certain time or a specific era?
This asymmetrical skirt definitely makes me feel like I'm lost somewhere in Cuba or Puerto Rico in the mid-1950s hahaha and all I need is that one pretty flower to put behind my ear and a Latino to dance the night away. 
Anyway, this is actually a "special" blog post because I only update my blog once a week but since I love Madeeni Finds so much and I also want their exclusive skirt to made known (because my god, who doesn't want to have a skirt like this in her closet?), I'm sharing this on my blog. 
Going back to the skirt, I'm really not the extremely girly type so I paired it with a leather bralette -- the same leather bralette that you might probably see being worn by me more often after this post. As you can see, you can pair the skirt with almost anything because it can be just as flexible as the one who is wearing it. 

Click THIS if you want to check out the skirt and other stuff from Madeeni Finds' latest collection :)

Photos by:
Katrice Fortuna

Make-up by:
Maia Cabanes

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