Boys are cheats and liars, they're such a big disgrace. 
They'll tell you anything to get to second base- 

Ball, base ball, he thinks he's going to score 

It's not really surprising how that song from Hot Chick came into my mind when I bought this baseball tee from O' Mighty. 

After the advent of running sneakers, it would appear that the great sports wave in fashion is still here to stay no matter what season we're in. This essential, as I consider it to be, has found itself in centre field in the fashion world. 

Caught among grunge, chic and even vulgar versions of sports jerseys, I find myself comfortable between cool and looking like a Pacsun girl (without the skateboard). 
If you ask me, this baseball jersey is definitely not out of my league. love the versatility and simpleness of this no fuss basic. In addition, the best thing about it is how easy it makes putting together a chic ensemble and at the same time, still looking effortless. 
Also, baseball tops are a great choice if you love to dress casual yet still want to give your look that 'sports luxe' edge ;) So, I suggest that you start going through your closet to find your old highschool jerseys! 
In a year where thigh-high boots are dominating the runway, it's no surprise that its sister accessory, the knee-high sock, is working its way back. Since I can't wear thigh-high boots in this very humid country, I decided to go with the latter for that old school vibe and just to get a bit of oomph off the playing field. 
Going back, the baseball tee was once a signifier of America’s cool kids but this time, the privilege of looking cool does not exclusively belong to them anymore! Being part of the "cool kids" does not always mean dressing up. Sometimes, it means dressing down. 
Whether worn with pants, shorts or skirt, this sporty staple offers the perfect warm-weather substitute for your varsity jacket that surely guarantees a home run look every time :) 

DOUBLE baseball tee from O'Mighty
Leather shorts from Topshop
Knee-high socks from Urban Outfitters
Ankle high boots from LA's Fashion District 
Watch from Casio
Bracelet from Forever 21
Earrings from Forever 21

Photos by:
Pemrik Alina