'Tis the season to go out all night! (I'm sorry Mom and Dad!) 
A few of my favorite things when it's yuletide season is on again: Sequins, leather and a little bit of color ⎯ all of which are making it hard to stay in. 
 Since it's a different season, I'll also make this outfit post different too.. Most of my posts had a lot of (me) talking.. For this one, I'll let the photos do the job. 
Inspired by my two most favorite online shops, Nasty Gal and Missguided, I'm joining the shining, shimmering, splendid trend but with a hint of me in it (read: leather and black). 
When it's Christmas time, the color cobalt gets the chance to be my most coveted one. There's just something about it that makes everything look so classy and festive.
Moreover, since it's the season of parties, and parties and parties, it would be nice if you are the person who lights up the whole room. Not that I'm asking you to look like a walking Christmas tree or disco ball but it surely does make you feel great if you stand out :) The same reason why I chose a pair of sequinned shorts because it makes me feel like I'm the life of the party even if I'm barely doing anything - although there are unsaid rules about wearing sequins though.. one is don't overdo it :) 

I was hoping to look like the angel on top of our Christmas tree but I think looking (little bit) subtle and elegant with a dash of glitz is just the right amount of hot that can light up this season that no one can dare to put out. 

Leather jacket from Brooklyn Flea Market
Top with gold chains from Stradivarius
Sequined shorts from Forever 21
Satchel from River Island
Shoes from Forever 21 

Photos by:
The lovely Andie Javelosa
Instagram: andiejavelosa