I was expecting oxblood or cobalt blue to be Autumn's favourite shade but I was wrong. It's surprisingly pink! 
I think there always comes a time in every girl's life when she realizes that her world just can't revolve around pink things anymore. I realized that about a decade ago and it felt nice to feel ultra feminine again with the Rihanna-inspired bralette that I got from Blind Clothing
Powder pink outerwear will be a hot commodity this season even if the whole world is starting to freeze in the cold. Surely, in a country like mine where the sun still shines like summer, the color pink will not be out of place. 
Fall is a good season to be alive and Autumn usually has a reputation for darker colors and heavier fabrics, but this time, I'm making sure that I'm at no loss for bright hues (for a change). One particular reason why I went for this color is because my favourite brand 
Topshop is embracing it. I've seen a couple of skirts and tops in their collection which showcased a very light, feminine pink so yup, think pink it is!
For someone who is stuck between being feminine, chill and rebellious, I decided to wear my bralette with a mid-length slit skirt. 
Unless you’re a celebrity like Rihanna, you probably can’t (or don’t want to) parade around the city in a bralette so the question of how much skin is too much skin will almost always arise. My white pencil skirt, worn high on the waist makes for just the right amount of skin showing in the middle. 
It's always about balance, I think you get the drill. 
The midriff baring beaut in the form of a bralette is more than just baring skin. It reminds me that I am a woman. Although femininity is not a set of clothes, or a shade of lipstick, it’s our very being... clothes just have their way of making women feel powerfully sexy. They make a woman realize how beautiful it is to be one. Plus regardless of shade, one can’t go wrong with pink, so no one should be afraid to keep looking bright despite autumn’s descent into darkness and early sunsets :)
Riri bralette from Blind Clothing
(Instagram: @blindclothingxx)
White midi skirt from Topshop
Nude heels from Zara
Watch from Michael Kors
Bracelets from H&M and Forever 21

Film photos by:
Lea D. 
(Instagram: @leagoeson)