There is nothing like a hot summer's day when it's totally acceptable to bare your bellybutton.. but wait a minute, isn't it almost Christmas? Hah. It's funny how I keep on wishing that leaves would also turn to gold over here in the Philippines so I can wear scarves, knee high boots and layers upon layers of clothes but nope, I guess that's not going to happen.. ever 
It's not like I have a choice right? I don't want to be that person wearing a thick coat while it's 38 degrees (Celsius) outside and everybody would just be like, "#$%^?!!" So, I'm just going to make the most out of the scorching heat and crop it like it's hot.
There's really nothing new with this look.. I've been wearing crop tops since time immemorial so I'm already confident enough to experiment on different cuts and the recent one I purchased from Bliss MNL is just the right amount of daring. I think it was made for night-outs but a woman who isn't afraid to take risks can always wear it wherever she wants to wear it, right? 
It's just the sweatpants that I've experimented here because I've always wondered how the hell do Hollywood celebrities and models rock those sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no make-up on kind of vibe and still manage to look incredibly great.. I still don't know the secret but at least I know now how it feels to be in sweatpants outside of the gym or the house: 300% comfortable (feels like you never left the house at all). Contrary to what Karl Lagerfeld said that a pair of sweatpants signifies defeat and that you lost control of your life, it actually means you dgaf. Period.
And oh, my shoes! I don't know with everyone else but I feel like I got my ish together whenever I wear my Zara Kitten Heel Leather Vamps (whew, that was one long description for a pair of shoes!). I  don't see the need to expound more. I just need to tell you three words with eight letters: BUY A PAIR 
Even if my Autumn dream look will just remain as a dream (for now), I think a bare midriff worn in a tasteful, stylish, and wearable way paired with sweatpants on an extremely hot day will certainly do even when you’re not on a red carpet or runway.  If there would have been a commandment that says "Thou shalt not wear crop tops during the -ber months", I wouldn't dare wearing one but there isn't :) 

Crop top from Bliss MNL 
(Instagram: @blissmnl)
Sweatpants from Nike
Kitten Heel Leather Vamp Shoes from Zara
Watch from Michael Kors
Wallet from Michael Kors
Necklace from Bershka

Film photos by:
Lea D. 
(Instagram: @leagoeson)