Cue in Azealia Banks' 212 for this!
   I thought that the weather would cooperate with my "summer all-year round" attitude towards clothing but apparently, the rain just wouldn't stop so here's my outfit when I run and take cover.. 
When it's looking like UK outside, dark and wet, it's time to downplay things and wrap up.  
    I am many things but tomboy is not one of them. However, the style chameleon in me who thinks that I can pull off any trend tried it. Thank you to Rihanna and Cara Delevingne (perhaps Miley too hehe) who are ditching skimpy dresses for baggy sweaters, high tops and trucker caps, my gender dressing boundaries are increasingly blurring. 
 For those camo lovers out there, this trend trend is here to stay for another season! I bought this Topshop camo hoodie because out of all the trends, this one seems to be the easiest to incorporate. If your style is similar with mine, then anything camo is definitely worth some space in your closet.
Choosing the right footwear was the most challenging, as texture and shape needed to offset the hard leather.  Although camo can actually look super sophisticated when paired with all black and leather, I wanted to go for a British tomboy look so a pair of matte leather shoes worked best for me. 

This military inspired hoodie is an easy way to bring toughness in to this lazy weather. It's a way of telling the rain to suck it :p 

 It has never been so cool to embrace my inner tomboy. The formula is simple: combine equal parts your cool girl attitude and borrowed-from-the-boys clothes for nonchalant "long-hair-don't-care" outfits. 
"Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me. They’re so… empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not."
— Ann Demeulemeester

LA sweater from Universal Studios, Hollywood
Haute Hippie Skinny Leather Pants from H&M
Camo hoodie from Topshop
Rings/Mid-rings from Bershka
Cut out leather shoes from Topshop

Photos by:
Pemrik Alina