I guess it's pretty obvious where I got my inspiration from but don't get the wrong idea  
         though! You will not find me twerking somewhere and sticking my tongue out repeatedly. I have  
          to admit that I've always liked Miley's style except for some exaggeratedly wild ones. With her 
         new music video with Juicy J, Miley wore a custom made  Chicago Bull's Bra and Booty Shorts.  
           Although my own version of her outfit doesn't come with "J's and some shades on", it is VERY wearable. 
         Thanks to OOTDPilipinas for giving me this matching crop top and skater skirt set. I usually   
          think that red doesn't look good on me but this one was worth the try. 
         I like the skirt most especially because it's dri-fit! So when you're too lazy to make any 
         effort in looking good, a matchy-matchy crop top and skater skirt will do the job for you. If it has 
           already been years and you still can't find yourself in that Cover Girl situation of being "easy, 
             breezy, beautiful", this is definitely the one.

Crop top and skater skirt set from OOTDPilipinas
Cut out shoes from Topshop

Film photos by:
(Instagram: leagoeson)