DISCLAIMER PT. 1: Tumblr being known for its grunge/film photos, I think these photos belong there. However, these beautifully taken photos need to be blogged so to be clear, this is just a "pseudo" outfit post and more of an artsy fartsy one (at least something new on my blog) :)

DISCLAIMER PT. 2: I'm not a very poetic person but these photos make me want to write a poem or two so here they are:

Blessed are you who can forget
You make the most of all that comes
And the least of all that goes

Forget Fall
For one season 
Sees beauty in you 
That another season 
Doesn't know how to tell about

FILM PHOTOS via  Minolta SRT 101 x Superia 400 and Polaroid
by Lea D. (Instagram:leagoeson)
Thank you so much for always inviting me to shoot with you whenever I'm home. You truly are one talented photographer! :)