Is there such thing as fauxever? Or furever? 
            Certainly, there is a thing such as a faux fur dress that can make your day furry nice. Haha. 
         Okay, enough with the wordplay. Let's get this short outfit post done.
                 So, I went home to Cebu last weekend to attend my niece's 1st birthday. Her party theme  
                was Candy Land and I didn't want to look like a bag of Skittles or anything too colorful so I    
                opted for a pastel-colored faux fur dress which reminded me of cotton candy.
                      Thanks to my adventurous friends who would always tag me along whenever they go    
             ukay, I found this!   
                 They say it's not called a bargain if it looks cheap. Well, this dress marvellously spells     
                 BARGAIN in all caps.  
                       I didn't think twice about buying this one because touch-me textures are key to this  
                       season – like tough-luxe leather, faux furs always have that playful approach and I think     
                 that pretty much says a lot about me. 
                 With Christmas fast approaching, this faux fur dress worn as a party dress is perfect for the  
                 festive season!
                     Aside from literally making me feel fuzzy inside, I like how it gives an edge to normal 
           party dresses. 

           Faux fur dress (Thrifted)
          Cut out shoes from Topshop

        Photos by:
       Lea D. (shot via expired film)