The weather's cray, ain't it J? But wait, what shirt? Haha! I know that my top is definitely not a "shirt" but sometimes you gotta define your own terms, right? Although it's not really the perfect time to wear a faux leather bralette right now, at least it's rainproof! 
For this outfit post, I used two colors that I love together, black and nude. I brought a jacket with me for this outfit (not part of the post) so don't ever leave the house without bringing one because the weather can be pretty deceiving sometimes! In addition, the bralette is a great alternative to the usual crop top so expect that I'll still be showing a bit of skin this rainy season! 
Black and nude really appeal largely to me because of the tension of extreme opposites. The simplicity of leather combined with the complexity of an asymmetrical skort always gets me too. 
To be honest, less can be more.. in the right situations! Just remember to balance your top half by layering something more modest for the bottom half. To top off this edgy look, I paired it with black boots. 
I have to say that this outfit shoot was pretty fun! I had the privilege to work with some of the most beautiful people here in Manila namely Nina Villanueva, Tanya Tioseco and Julz Savard. They're up for some project and they asked me to help them with the styling. Nina, who became my friend a few years back is also a photographer aside from being a model and a business woman so I couldn't thank her enough for taking my photos.

Paris Bolted Logo Snapback from Paislee 
Brandy Melville-inspired bralette from Forever 21
Asymmetrical skort (thrifted)
Boots with gold hardware from Forever 21 
Nina Villanueva | NV Photography

**DIPLOMAT'S NOTE: Please bear with me until I get to fix the sizes of the photos! Every time I to make them larger, they get so pixelated!