Yes, I'm on running shoes! Haha! I think most people didn't see it coming! Well the good news is, running shoes aren't just for the track anymore!! :) Since the casual cool/sport x sweet trend is here to stay for A/W'13, here's another attempt of looking like a sports fan.  

I find it funny because the last time I used this pair of running shoes was when I was still in second year college when academics didn't steal my life yet. As I was looking for the perfect pair of shoes for my slit skirt, I found this at the back corner of my closet so I tried it on and surprisingly, they matched! 
I've been loving this sporty chic trend lately because it doesn't speak tomboy completely. Sporty chic, luxe athletic, whatever you want to call it - is when you pair two different looks (read: my top + my skirt) to make a totally unexpected match. 

This is my deliberate and fashion-conscious way of not looking like I forgot to pack a shirt with me to change out of my gym clothes or looking like I came from some training. With this outfit, combining a seemingly sporty top with neon print  (I say sporty because of its material and its cut) and a nude-colored slit skirt is just the right amount of perfection since they would just balance each other out (note: neon and nude are perfect for each other okay, they're like soul mates). Moreover, another reason why I love experimenting with this trend is because it speaks of simplicity and lightness. Don't you just agree? :)

For me, getting dressed like this doesn’t mean that I lose my feminine side.
With a good combination, one can still look extremely chic, feminine and even elegant even with running shoes on. 
This trend always puts me in a good mood because wearing it can make me feel extremely 'laxed and fashionable at the same time. 

F jersey top (Thrifted :p)
Slit slirt from Style2go Cebu 
(Visit their instagram account: style2gocebu)
Shoes from Avanti

Photos by:
Jing Dumdum-Flaviano

DIPLOMAT'S NOTE** I apologize for the delay of outfit posts because I got extremely busy with my job applications so I really didn't get the chance to shoot for the past weeks.