Any trip down South of Cebu is always a good idea. I'm glad that I was born and raised in 
                   a city between the mountains and the sea. I can't help but feel so dang lucky every time I
                      go home because I get to have the best of both worlds: city and suburb. 
                  If you know me personally, you can tell that I live by the sun and whenever the warm 
                weather rolls around, I feel like I'm in my natural element. 
                Although I don't wear bright tropical colors anymore, this outfit is an exception.      
               Honestly, I did not bring any swimsuit during my last trip to Cebu since I did not expect a 
                beach trip on a month like August but I realized that one's visit to the Queen City of the 
                South can never be complete without visiting la playa (so I suggest bring bikinis when    
             you go there even if it's on December! Haha). 
                  Moving on, Stoked was on sale and I found this Ripcurl swimsuit which doesn't require     
                 any crash diet hehe so I bought it right away! I love how the palm trees print reminds me of    
              California and Cebu at  the same time.
                  Once a staple more common for grandmas and swim teams than celebrities in the 
                 Bahamas or in Cancun, the one-piece has been updated to make it look refreshing and 
                  flattering. I still benefit from my mom's vintage swimsuits so it's safe to say that a one-
                   piece double strap swimsuit like this is a lifetime investment. 
                Another addition to my post-summer outfit is the gold skater skirt. I got it from OOTD    
              Pilipinas and it's no surprise that whatever is in gold, I would definitely buy it. The skirt is 
              such a complement to my swimsuit because it made my one-piece serve another purpose —     
                as casual wear. 
                  For the record, figure-skating inspired bottoms like this take the gold for their easy-breezy 
                     versatility. I may have used it for the beach but I will definitely use it to go to a formal      
               party too. 
                      Furthermore, if there’s one thing that I will be wearing on my head all year round, it’ll 
                   be snapbacks. Plain or printed, snapbacks are undoubtedly cool and ooze a hip-hop edge. 
                      I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm for versatility so it's not an immortal sin if I 
                  want to look like Rita Ora in the beach, right? 
                   I can't help but feel grateful that my friends trusted me to model for their one-month old 
                    hat business in Cebu. Spring may already not be in the air but it can always be on our 
                  hair thanks to Filthy Project's Cast Away Collection.
                  Its Hawaiian flower-inspired collection adds a touch of tough-luxe to us women 
                 who are in need of toughness from time to time and yet still manages to keep our 
            femininity in tact. 
                So there's nothing to worry about not being baseball season or summer season because 
                wearing snapbacks is a trend we got from the boys which we are not ready to give   
                 back just yet.

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               Alexis Uy | Hanchi Photography


                  Floral print snapback from Filthy Project
                 (Click here to view their page)

                One-piece swimsuit from Ripcurl

                Gold skater skirt from OOTD Ph

                (Click here to view their page)