Softer than delicate white and less aggressive than pitch black, gris, the French word for the color gray, is also one of my go-to neutral. Recently, we see Rihanna sporting gray hair so could this mean gray is the new black? It could be. Although it goes with everything just like black and white, gray has a special power that makes it the perfect in-between hue for a wardrobe basic.

Gray dresses and jeans have been popular since time immemorial but gray shirts or gray tops have recently earned their staple-status recently for some reason only fashion experts can explain. If you pair a sweater with a leather skirt, you take the work-wear staple into effortlessly cool territory — that's why I paired my gray knit sweater with a leather skirt to create an edgy look.
Whatever kind of top it is, slouchy, knitted or jersey, pairing it with generously-proportioned skirts or detailed skirts like my black leather mini, the result is something quirky. It makes me feel like this is the perfect 'I'm-not-trying-too-hard' outfit. 
 For me, this is the ultimate in weekend-wear: casual, comfy and low-key. 

*The Style Diplomat's NOTE: I recently had my hair colored again and had it chopped a little. I'm so happy that I'm getting positive feedback and some are wondering where I had my hair ombre'd. I had it done by my Mom's friend, Agatha of Salon Isabel. Her salon is found in Ortigas, Manila :)

Gray knit sweater from Forever 21
Leather skirt with details from Zara
Shoes from Converse

Photos by: Lea D. (Visit her blog here: