"You look like you're going to Coachella." — That's what everyone says whenever there's 
           some bohemian/aztec thing going on with your outfit. I had the privilege to model for Madeeni
            Finds' new collection online and one of the pieces that they made me wear was this Aztec   
              midi dress. Even if I'm on the minimalist side of things when it comes to personal
              style, it was nice going back to my good ole' aztec/bohemian days. 
                  Sometimes, bohemian fashion can go overboard that's why I'm so thankful that recently, 
                 the new boho trend reads effortless, almost fringe-free and wearable in the real world. 
                Neutral or minimalist shades and pared down patterns make up a modern bohéme and 
                although they might not resemble the past boho accents so much, the hippie spirit is still alive     
            in some way with this kind of outfit. 
                I know it's already August and summer obviously had said its final goodbye with all the 
               catastrophes that our country has recently experienced but I hope you remember that it's never 
                  illegal to bring those sunny vibes back when very much needed. 

            Aztec midi dress from Madeeni Finds
             Shoes (provided)
MUA: Maia Cabanes 

         Photos by:
           Michael Montaño
          (Like his Facebook page here)