I've been jumping from the tops of buildings for the thrill of the fall.                                                                                                                   

-My Beautiful Rescue, This Providence

It's not everyday that you get to walk on rooftops and it's not everyday that you see the city's skyline. My point is, it's not everyday that you actually have that much time to do either of the two and when you're able to do both, the sudden rush of invincibility kicks in. 
 There is a big difference between a wolf in sheep's clothing and a wolf in cheap clothing (haha). I just thought that it would be an appropriate title for this outfit post because I'm obviously highlighting the leather/denim jacket here with the faux fleece fabric inside. I call it CHEAP clothing because I bought it during my travel in Hong Kong 8 hours before my flight while killing time. Honestly, how much would you think that jacket would cost here in the Philippines? When I first set my eyes on it, I thought that it would cost around P 4,000 or even more expensive. Even if I had a big feeling that I wouldn't buy it, I tried fitting it and it was PERFECT. You know that feeling when you try on something and it fits like it's made just for you? That was the feeling. So I checked the price and wow, it costs half of the price I expected! I just knew that I had to buy it because it really is (like a blazer) a good investment. 
I may not use it that much here in the Philippines but when I travel, this is the jacket I always bring whenever I go to the airport. Whatever you wear inside it, you will instantly look like you really took a long time in deciding what to wear (even though in reality you only took 5 seconds).

These shorts, boy oh boy, my favorite golden shorts. I also bought it for a very good price. I think every lady at some point in her life has dreamed of having a pair of shorts like this. I was looking for the perfect one but every time I see one, either it was expensive or it was badly made. I found this pair of shorts in one of the Super Sale Bazaars in World Trade Center and yup, I was lucky that it had the perfect fit. 
The pair of shoes that I'm wearing too has another story. I bought it when I was at the Fashion District in Downtown LA. It really had high quality so I wasn't able to resist it.
If you all put them together, the jacket, the shorts and the shoes, it would look like the epitome of classy but edgy. This look says be a lady (read: gold sequin shorts) but keep it edgy. The whole outfit makes me feel like I'm ready for anything (except running, of course). 
Leather/denim jacket from Heather at the Collect Point, Hong Kong
Gold sequin shorts from Super Sale Bazaar
Ankle boots from Fashion District, Downtown Los Angeles
Beanie from Topshop
Mirror shades from Nava 
Necklace made by Chanel Velhagen
Rings from Forever 21 and Chinatown, Singapore

Photos by: Pemrik Alina