Cue in: Shwayze's Cali trippin and I think my mind is slippin' away / Cali' Trippin' and I'm wishin' I was back in LA

I wish I could just snap my fingers and say "palm trees", "golden sunshine" and "more palm trees" then they would appear right away. Summer may be over here in the Philippines but back in the beloved West Coast, summer has just gathered momentum. 

This outfit post is a "throwback" feel of my Summer 2012 in LA. I don't want to be biased with LA for being the city in California that I love the most but whenever I see anything and I mean ANYTHING that has an "LA" word on it, I can't help but feel the electrifying vibes that the city brings. Katy Perry's California Girls would suddenly play in my mind and I think about the long drive from the bay via the 101 freeway. The city of Los Angeles never fails to retain an air of youth and carelessness, and that California ‘life goes on attitude'. Maybe that's why I feel a certain longing for it every once in a while. 
Nonetheless, it's all over the fashion world that sporty chic is back in style. I honestly wanted to experiment on it because floral prints and pastel colors may get a little boring sometimes. Throwing in a jersey gives a tomboy feel to a woman's look especially for a woman who loves wearing heels. 
As baseball fields are measured in acres, the versatility of a person is measured on how innovative he or she can be when it comes to combining sporty + chic. 

I paired my baseball jersey with my favorite denim shorts because nothing describes "laid back afternoons" better than this.  Any girl cannot go wrong with this combination paired with a snapback. Whether you are running errands for your mom or getting ready for a movie date, this outfit surely will score in the street. 
As soon as I purchased this pair of shoes,  I was definitely sure that it was the perfect heels for this outfit. Whatever outfit you wear, nude heels will never disappoint you and must I remind you, they can also "seemingly" make your legs long ;) 
LA Tee by Project Social T from Topshop
Denim shorts from One Teaspoon
Heels from Zara

Photos by: Pemrik Alina