Circa 2002, Jennifer Love Hewitt has a song that goes like this, "Do you ever have that dream where you're walking naked down the street and everyone just stares?" Well, getting inspiration from it ain't gonna hurt nobody (unless you would take things literally haha).  
Note: This is just going to be a short outfit post :)  
 The blazer is a versatile fashion staple that provides a quick fix to smarten up even the most casual of looks just like this one. I prefer wearing blazers than jackets especially in a very humid place like the Philippines because during the rainy season, the cover-up choice has always been the comforting cardigan but it can sometimes leave you feeling a little underdressed. On the other hand, a well-fitting tailored blazer can display some grown-up effect.  Just think of the blazer as an investment piece and if you choose wisely, your blazer will go on for years. I promise. 
Although the combination of my top and my shorts looks like I'm in my pajamas, or in some sort of impractical work out clothes, pairing it with heels would make it seem more presentable. 
The shorts also make your legs look great.. so you can skip the gym today ;)
Gold Sunglasses from H&M 
Blazer from H&M
Gold camis thrifted
Leather shorts from Zara
Heels from Zara

Photos by: Pemrik Alina