Sunrise, sunset, sunshine, anything that has the word sun in it has got to be associated with being alive and feeling alive. Since it's already the end of summer for most people, I thought that I should give Summer 2013 a sweet farewell by wearing a neon top that totally highlights the season of bikinis, golden days and mellow nights.
In addition, I paired my favorite asymmetric wrap skort with some old high cut chuck taylors because it conveys the feeling of playfulness and turns the gears for any adventure that will come my way.

I've always made it a rule that whenever buying a basic top with a front cut that is simple, I always make sure that the back cut isn't.

Top from Zara
Shorts from Zara
Shoes from Converse
Accessories from Forever 21Archaelogy and Michael Kors

Photo by: Lea Ann D.
MUA: Maia Cabanes

Since the outfit sends a thousand electrical happy vibes, the happiest place on earth is the perfect place to wear this. During my stay in Hong Kong last week, I wore it to Disneyland.