Honestly speaking, I got my inspiration from Santigold's Disparate Youth. According to the dictionary, disparate means containing elements very different from one another and this outfit post is what it's all about - from the flowery print  of the cap to the classic boots.
I got my Sunday Somewhere cap from DH.Sunglass in Singapore. It was my first time to hear about this brand and I like it because it carries the make-up-your-own-mind attitude.  This cap has a classic style but with a twist which makes it timeless and fresh.

If people tell you that every lady should have a Little Black Dress, let me be the one to tell you that every lady should have a CBT - Classic Black Top. I like this top because the straps are leather (which makes it semi-formal I guess haha) and although the front is very plain, its oomph factor gets it from the back. You can wear it to parties, to malls or even to the church.
I got my golden shorts earlier this year and I used it during Sinulog since it is the most comfortable shorts I've ever had and anyone can just pair it with any kind of top too (even my Sinulog shirt went well with it). The cut may look like an 80's flashback but the golden color gives it a very futuristic vibe.
This whole look makes me disparate, not desperate (lol). Kidding aside, I really like clothes that when you combine all of them, you look a little more versatile than the rest.
Cap from Sunday Somewhere 
Top from H&M
Shorts from Thrift Shop
ID bracelet from Archaeology
Boots from Doc Martens

Photos by: Lea Ann D. http://leagoeson.tumblr.com
MUA: Maia Cabanes