June 5, 2015


My blog is inherently about fashion but since it's my birthday in less than a week (insert unnecessary anxiety attack here), I want to mark the occasion by posting something personal here.. something I don't normally do..

To be quite honest, if there's anything that the universe has made me realize, it's this: no matter how old I’m turning, I’m still probably going to feel like I’m 18 trapped in the wrong body. Haha! When I turned 10, I was stoked on reaching double digits. When I turned 13, I was a “teenager,” which turned out to be only pseudo-cool. At age 18, the law considered me an “adult,” but I didn’t get the point of the title if I still had no idea how to drive, how to pay taxes or honestly…how to pay for anything. When I turned 20, nothing felt different and then came 21. I felt a shift because I went from being a bum to a highly stressed working girl.  Now, II feel like Taylor Swift sould change her song to "23" because I certainly am not feeling 22 anymore. 

Every year, I wonder what the next year of my life will entail. As a 22-year-old, I learned a lot about myself, experienced things that have helped my development to becoming a quality human being and I feel this incredible urge to impart some wisdom.

Being a 20-something woman in this world full of instant gratification, I want to be completely fine with being outside of my comfort zone because that's the zone where I know I can mentally and spiritually grow the most. To me, being comfortable 24/7 is a sign of no progress. I want progress. I want success but I know life isn’t perfect. It’s quite the exact opposite and I’m at a point in my life where I’m okay with making mistakes. Mistakes are valuable lessons. All. the. time (big grin emoji).

Although I'm finished with higher education, it doesn't mean I have to stop learning.  Sometimes, it still hits me that I’m no longer registered for classes, have no papers to write or lectures to sit through, and that my student identification card no longer works for discounts. Even so,  I still look forward to reading more books, reading more articles, having new conversations, meeting new people, figuring out how to create things and how to change things.

I feel like 22 and 23 are the ages where “you’re old enough to know pretty much everything, but still too young to know everything.” That sentiment, which has been tricking people into thinking it’s wise for years, mostly refers to the disconnect between maturity and experience. At 22, you’ve developed enough to understand the world around you, but you (likely) haven’t experienced enough to really understand the world around. Since 23 year old people have experienced things like freaking out about their jobs, their bills without parental backing, this is the age where you slowly begin to be appreciatively humbled; you have so much to learn and that’s not so much disheartening as it is kind of cool. 

I’m exactly three days shy of my 23rd birthday and I’m heading into an entirely new portion of my twenties where things are supposed to start making more sense and not less sense. I know it’s a completely normal phenomenon for people my age to feel this way. It’s just that I didn’t expect it to feel or look anything like this. Nevertheless, I realize that I should allow things to happen and even if they don’t work out, I will just use them as building blocks instead of stumbling blocks or perhaps as a map that is slowly but surely leading me out of these years full of not so sure's and into something better.

Throughout the past months, I’m happy that I may have developed a growing sense of acute self-awareness because it has taught me that nothing will quite fill the void than a strong relationship with God and a balanced work-life equation. Well, except for Europe — that continent may not have the solution to its never-ending crisis, but it can cure my almost-quarter life crisis. Of that much, I am sure.

Today, I cannot thank God enough. I'm eternally grateful for all the blessings and struggles that He has given me that made me appreciate a good life and made me stronger.  The greatest thing I am thankful though is for the love He has unconditionally given through my ever beloved family and friends who have gone to such great lengths to make me feel special not just today but all throughout my life.

June 4, 2015


If we flip our current location to the other side of the world, this weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. As you can see from my Instagram, I am one with the Western World with its verano season. Meanwhile in the Philippines, with school vibes around the corner, I feel like it's very timely to wind up my summer sartorial favorite.
Given the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, how's a girl supposed to stay cool and comfortable while sweating buckets under the harsh rays of the sun?! Because admit it, we've all been there—stepping out of your house in a cute outfit, only for it to be completely ruined by sweat, sweat, and more sweat on a 90-degree day. Aside from simply wearing nothing, it seems almost impossible to look your best in the heat of summer.  Well, there are other (socially acceptable) ways.

Summer style is all about being light, airy, and unburdened by the layers (literal and metaphysical) that typically accompany fall fashion. As lovely as that is, it can still be a challenge to strike the balance of being just the right amount of casual while still remaining stylish. If there's one word that accurately describes most of summer fashion, it's probably easy. Whether you are dressed up or dressed down, and no matter what your favored aesthetic is, you probably want to embrace the hotter weather in outfits that are straight-up easy to wear. So without further ado, I present to you my favorite summer playsuit!

It provides a successful balance of seemingly opposing forces. Case in point: an outfit that perfectly captures being a "cool" girl and a "hot" (relatively) girl, at the same damned time. 
I've worn this jumpsuit in a lot of events over the summer because it can be dressed down with a pair of sneakers and it can be dressed up with a pair of heels. So. So. Easy.
It simply gives off that loungey pajama vibe without looking like you haven't showered or brushed your teeth. Haha! Time and again, I always aim for that effortless cool vibe with any outfit I choose. With this one, I hope I got to convince you to banish your LBD to the back of the wardrobe with this oh-so-easy-to-wear playsuit. 
Playsuit from Forever 21
Shoes from Adidas
Sunnies from Sunnies Studios
Photos by:
Ira Gatmaitan
Instagram: @iragatmaitan

May 24, 2015




Off the grid is seemingly a very appropriate title for this blog post. It is not only because of my obvious grid-patterned skirt (as you can see) but also the fact that I have been in the state of being off the blogging world for quite some time due to work. However, it always the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) that always gets me back in track.  Instagramming all the requisite summer happenings around town: the beach trips with family and friends, and a bajillion birthdays/weddings you’re required to attend is somehow ordinary. But, then, in a sea of been-there-done-that mediocrity, something cool pops up: a rooftop hang. My friends and I always find ourselves hanging out in Makati rooftops from sundown to (almost) sunrise. Before you resort to your trusty denim cutoffs, I suggest that you make a move with lightweight pieces and breeze into the summer as you rule the rooftops this season. 

Knitted sweater from H&M
Skirt from Zoo PH
Shoes from Nike

Photo by:
JC Gellidon
Instagram: @jcgellidon
Facebook: http://facebook.com/imjcgellidon

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