July 20, 2014


On and on, on the pleat goes on and on
While midi skirts are still on my favorite list, I'm trying to say hello and loosen up with pleats skirts. Except for the fact that I'm wearing polka dots, which remind you of the fifties and the eighties, I'm also trying to pull off a subtle Britney (Spears schoolgirl) moment here with the skirt.
Frankly, this box pleat skirt with elastic waistband in salmon color is versatile and effortless. It adds texture to a basic outfit. Worn with a pair of Birkenstocks or in my case, a pair of Nike Air Max Theas,  it's casual with a touch of feminity on point.
Pleated skirts, despite their longstanding association with school girl innocence, reappeared as a key essential for the fashion flock last summer. As I've said on my previous post, I'm trying to catch up with all my backlog posts so I apologize for being "so last summer". Going back, these skirts aren't your standard skirts that are only cute for high school girls. They are also potential essential must-have's for twenty something women like me. 
Keep in mind, too, that this look has modern written all over it. So let's talk about what you can pair this up with. A great look and will always be a favorite trend of everyone are crop tops and they look great with this kind of skirt. Anyone who wants to wear one should wear it with a cropped, boxy top or a menswear shirt or just a normal shirt - definitely not a blazer though.

Most important are the shoes: that's what will make the look contemporary and sophisticated. In my case, I want my outfit to look playful thus the sneakers. Sandal-style boots or strappy sandals are the best options if you're that type of girl who uses your Nike shoes exclusively for running.
I want the lightness of my top and skirt, but I don't want to get stuck in a rainstorm in a pleated skirt that's why my leather jacket (with detachable hoodie) is there to be my SOTD (Superman of the day).
Always believe in the pleat's power to flatter ⎯ when it's done right. That delicate flatness, however needs a grounded base. It needs something that makes it urban that's why I paired it with THAT kind of shoes. For pleat newbies, I suggest that you skip anything printed and just go monochromatic with a white pleated skirt, white T-shirt and metallic heels. You could obviously do all-black and just 
blame the weather for your gloomy outfit. 

These pleats are grown-up and elegant and are worn not only from desk to disco but for special occasions too. If the fashion-forward looks on Alexa Chung, Zoe Saldana, and Miley Cyrus are any indication. Just so you know, you would not commit a mortal sin if you wear one to the movies, to a date night, to a coffee run or to a stormy night. On my part, the slickness of the skirt pulls the girliness right back to me any day, any night.

Polka dot romper from Zara
Pleated skirt from Zara
Air Max Thea shoes from Nike
Leather jacket with detachable hood from Forever 21

Photos by:
Pemrik Alina

July 6, 2014


Before anything else, I would like to tell everyone how sad I am that I don't get to blog as often as before. Right now, I'm trying my best to catch up on so many backlogs so paciencia, por fav:) Anyway, going back to my real blog post!

In line with the World Cup and the recent NBA Finals, there is one trend that has got me on lockdown. 
 My favorite button-up (obviously the blouse that earned the MVB trophy) has no longer have to be so, well, buttoned up. Thanks to this styling trick that I got somewhere from the vast world of the internet, my nine-to-five staple is enjoying the after-hours spotlight. 
I thought of pairing some "this-belongs-to-the-corporate-world" top with leather boxer shorts and canvas shoes to even out their own vibes. 
 As summer just started on the other side of the world, I would just like to reiterate the fact that S/S '14 always does it job of bringing out fun and fresh styles. Mind you, anyone has the ability to incorporate the trend into their own repertoire. Just work on your creative juices :) 
Likewise, there are fun and fresh reiterations of the basic button-down blouse too. I can always dress it up or down and still look completely put together (I'd like to think so). 
With this outfit, I'm taking cues from Alexander Wang spring runways, and wearing button-down shirts in a much more unique manner, by fastening only the top button.
Unexpected and perfect for morning to night or.. if you want it the other way around, night to morning, this look offers a cool new way to wear any polished shirt. 
 Wang's panama inspired shirt and boxer shorts is a whole new take on the "I woke up this way" look. The partially buttoned top exudes the effortlessly cool vibe (my favorite phrase on my blog) the designer does so well. It just shows just a sliver of skin and yet, it looks so adventurous!
Whether you're headed to work, date night, or drinks with the girls, a "woke up like this" top is the easiest way to get out the door in super chic style. 

Top from Stradivarious
Shorts from Zara
Shoes from Converse
Sunglasses from SUPER

Photos by:
Andie Javelosa

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May 27, 2014


If Cara Delevingne was reading my blog, she would love this outfit. I know I have been off the track for a month because of work but hey! I'm literally back on it and it's time to turn our attention to something a little more sunshine-appropriate! :)
 I've only just dipped my toes into the trendy pool of sports luxe recently and obviously, I still have to get my head around how to pull it off but this Adidas Originals' collaboration with The Farm Company has given me the little push I needed. 
 Just like monochrome and the LBD, some trends have serious stamina. None are more comfortable and infused with I-don't-care cool than sports luxe. A quick scan of my favorite blogs, boutiques, magazines and celebrities, it is clear that the current trend is a relaxed one, especially this summer. Want proof? Nicole Richie wears it. Vogue writes about it. Bloggers pose in it and designers are selling it. Sports luxe has well and truly crossed over from gym to malls and what seems to be one of the biggest fashion trends in 2014. Tights, varsity jackets, jerseys, and Nike flyknits are now just as common at a fashion week front row as they are at your local Fitness First.
I am never the type of person who loves printed coordinates but enter Adidas Originals' latest collaboration with Brazilian label The Farm Company and bam! Change of heart! This Rio de Janeiro-based brand has been a hit in South America since it first launched in 2007, and for good reason, considering its signature colors and prints.
The collaboration created a vibrant streetwear feel to the popular sports pieces. With their Topshop x Adidas collaboration that set the fashion world on fire just a few months ago, here's another bombastic collab.  How timely that they teamed up with Brazilian brand Farm for a Spring/Summer 2014 collection knowing that the World Cup is just weeks away. Oh how I wish I could go to Brazil and wear this outfit. 
I don’t know about you, but I’ve literally never seen prints so vibrant that they actually seem to scream and shout in your face. I have been wanting to purchase this set since summer started. When I went to Bangkok earlier this month and saw this it in Siam Center, the need outweighed the want. The four exclusive prints developed by The Farm Company facilitate the blurring of lines between sport and street style with effortless ease. That's why I couldn't help but get obsessed!! I love how the loose fitting crop top can easily be styled to kill with an oversized jacket, mirrored shades and sliders.
Sporty chic has made a huge impact on street style and on my life. Having to wear corporate clothes 5 days a week, rocking the sports luxe trend serves as a breather for me. Also, it’s about time that a more sartorially informed element came into play with the world of sporting gear, so kudos to Adidas and The Farm Company for making a groundbreaking start to a new street style revolution that’s equal parts loud and just too cool. I’m not normally one to voluntarily wear sporty gear (my friends know that) but this will have to be an exception.
The lookbook of the collab was shot on the beach (here) and with that, the collection clearly boasts a versatile aesthetic that even works on the beach. In fact, I may not need lots of beach outfits for summer. I might just stick to this!
Personally, this look hits the nail on the head perfectly with the mix of feminine summery prints and a mannish vibes.
When my Sunday morning mind can't decide what to wear, what look do I turn to? Sports luxe. Early morning coffee with a friend and can’t be bothered to wear make up? Sports luxe. Overslept on a holiday? Sport luxe. To clarify, sports luxe doesn’t necessarily mean dirty gym clothes that you have ACTUALLY worked out in. No, sports luxe may be comfortable and seemingly effortless but, similar to those #nofilter or "bare naked" beauty looks we all love, this trend requires finesse and a lot of inner confidence. I am just so fortunate that some collab like Adidas x Farm decided to work together and create the ultimate marriage of sexy and sporty, complete with youthfulness and tongue-in-cheek vibes too. 
Adidas Originals x The Farm pineapple top
Adidas Originals x The Farm pineapple bottom
Black sliders from Zara
Rose gold necklace "Elizabeth" in Arabic from Dubai

Photos by:
Andie Javelosa


Whether you're a fashionista, a foodie, a traveller, a techie, or a musician, or none of the above,  you ought to be part of this. It is a volunteer-ran event that highlights Cebuano culture, lifestyle and the people. It will be a niche for everyone. It will run for 36 hours from 9am of May 31 to 9pm of June 1. #HYPERCEBU will bring you to an exclusively Cebuano Food Festival and Bazaar, to Cebu's very FIRST Bloggers Meet, to a rave party and of course to ground us all, #HYPERCEBU is also a charity event. It is in partnership with JCI CEBU (Cebu Jaycees) and  iLearners, which helps rural elementary schools across Cebu, fighting illiteracy and ignorance.

I will be having a booth there to sell my pre-loved clothes/pre-loved shoes and I hope my Cebuano readers could come!! I will probably post some of the clothes online for everyone to get a sneak peek on what's in store. Fresh from my wardrobe, all are in good condition, some were only used once or twice. Some were bought in America and some were bought in Europe. Quality guaranteed. Affordable price ;)

Dorothy Perkins


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