This summer, my outfits will take inspiration from sunnier shores for our so hot Pacific life. Think tropical prints, bright colors and laid-back silhouettes.. perfect for hitting the beach or just daydreaming about hitting the beach!
As the month of April rolls by, it wouldn’t be spring without blooms. The floral trend comes back year after year and I just can’t seem to avoid it. Alexa Chung has already been (s)potted rocking the trend so we all know it’s going to be one of the biggest this summer.
Moreover, florals for Spring/Summer '14 isn't groundbreaking by any means but this season's blooms are something else entirely— they're more modern and fresh and not at all the annoying overrated garden-variety type. 
As you can see, I picked the somewhat tougher floral look. When there are days that I'm torn among (and not just between!) looking dainty, looking edgy and looking boyish, I compromise. With this look, I chose a floral sporty top and paired it with my asymmetrical leather skirt. If you want to experiment with my kind of mixture, you can also add another pop of colour like a pair of neon shoes. For this one, I picked my favorite Zara sliders since I also like minimalism. Don't be scared to wear floral head to toe or if that's too much, just pick a pair of floral shorts or a blazer and team it with just one extra color. Choose a color that is already in the print for a more pulled together approach.
Also, to avoid looking too overly done, I suggest that you limit your accessories to a pair of chandelier earrings (which was my other option for this look, btw) or a structured bag. The same goes for makeup. A neutral lip x bold eyes / bold lips x neutral eye make-up will complement and not compete with the print. All in all, just keep things simple with an accent of floral print to ensure your wardrobe will still flourish.
A sporty floral top mixed with a bit of leather and a pair of minimalist sandals is possibly the greatest choice that a tomboy-style girl could make when she thinks that traditional floral prints are too girly for her closet.


One thing I love about Summer (or Spring, for countries on the other side of the world) is the arrival of fresh+er vibes. Who said running errands should be done in jeans? I did. I think this comfortable outfit is perfect for the job and my neon orange blazer adds the perfect youthful punch.  Moreover, a statement blazer in a bold color can transcend activities and transform outfits. Forget that just-rolled-out-of-bed look the next time you run errands for your Mom. While running errands doesn’t have to be a beauty contest, there’s no reason you can’t be comfy and chic at the same time, right? After all, you never know who you might bump into! Taking a cue from Marilyn Monroe, we think a smile is the perfect finishing accessory. 

Snapback from Sunday Somewhere (
Crop top from Topshop
Blazer from Zara
Heels from Miss Selfridge

Photos by:
Andie Javelosa

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